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Society events are open to both members of the International Clematis Society and members of affiliated Societies, though where the number of places is limited, preference will be given to I.Cl.S. members.

  • Berlin and Warsaw 2016

  • Berlin and Warsaw 2016

    Registration for this event which will start in Berlin, Germany, on Thursday 9th June 2016 and finish in Warsaw on Saturday 18th June 2016, is now closed. However I will continue to maintain this section and also leave the Invitation to Register and other documents available on this website for information purposes. They are all in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. A free reader is available on the internet.

  • Berlin and Warsaw 2016 - Invitation to Register
  • Berlin and Warsaw 2016 - Prices and Conditions

    Please note, the Invitation to Register is in booklet format, suitable for printing on both sides of a single sheet of paper.

    Please note that registration will not be complete until the deposit has been paid and this must be by bank transfer to our Euro account in the Netherlands. The Society is unable to accept payment by any other means. Full details are given on the online registration form and on the paper registration form. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the Society receives the full amount and that all bank and other charges are not deducted from this amount.

    The balance for this event must be paid by 31st March 2016.

    Our thanks to Helga Marie Huber, Heidrun Kläser and Werner Stastny for putting together a most interesting and varied programme which I'm sure all attendees will enjoy.

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