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Society events are open to both members of the International Clematis Society and members of affiliated Societies, though where the number of places is limited, preference will be given to I.Cl.S. members.

  • UK 2015
  • De Boschhoeve Clematis and Rose Fair
  • Boskoop Nursery Museum

  • UK 2015 - with Constitutional General Meeting

    Our meeting in 2015 will take place in the south west of Great Britain, specifically the counties of Devon and Cornwall, both counties famous for their mild climate and abundance of plants. The meeting starts in Taunton, Somerset on Thursday 18th June 2015 and finishes on Friday 26th June.

    Registration for this event is now closed and we're very pleased to have some 70 attendees.

    I will leave this item on the website in case there are additional notices to publish.

    The Brochure for this event is still available from this site by clicking here. Please note that it is approximately 5 Mbytes large and so may take a few minutes to download.

    Getting to and from the Venue

    My thanks to Roy Nunn for compiling the following information. However please check yourselves in case times and schedules change.

    "I have looked at both National Express Coaches, www.nationalexpress.com and British Rail www.nationalrail.co.uk.

    Coach Travel

    On 18 June 2015 a coach leaves Heathrow Coach terminal at 10.55, arriving at Taunton Coach Station at 13.55, price for 2 adults is £33.60. The next direct coach is at 12.55 arriving Taunton at 16.10, price for 2 adults £38.00.

    Returning on the 26/06/15 there are two options, to return to Taunton on the coach with the International Clematis Society, then take a National Express Coach from Taunton to Heathrow, leaving Taunton Coach Station at 13.05 and arriving at Heathrow at 16.20. The price for two adults is £38.00. Alternately you can travel from St Austell to Heathrow, either leaving at 08.15 and arriving Heathrow at 14.25, price for two adults £40.40, or leave St Austell at 10.35 and arriving Heathrow 17.05, price 2 adults £38.20.

    Train Travel

    National Rail tickets and train times are only posted 12 weeks before your journey dates, so precise information is not available, but typical times and prices are as follows.

    Heathrow to Paddington (London), then change to Paddington to Taunton train, leaving 10.33, arriving Taunton 12.58, price for 2 adults £98.00. Or leaving 12.33 arriving 14.47, price two adults £81.00.

    To return, Taunton to Paddington then change trains for Heathrow, leaving 13.34 arriving 15.55. price two adults £129.00. Alternately St Austell to Paddington, then change trains for Heathrow leave St Austell at 09.44 arriving Heathrow at 14.25 price for 2 adults £162.00. Note these are all quoted times and prices for travel in April as this is the nearest I can get to the travel date."

    We strongly advise that if you are returning home by plane you make sure you leave plenty of contingency, in case of delays.

    We also suggest you finalize your travel arrangements in good time. And can we remind you to make sure you have adequate travel insurance for the whole of your visit.

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    De Boschhoeve Clematis and Rose Fair

    The annual event will take place at De Boschhoeve Nursery, Wolfheze, the Netherlands on Saturday 15 August 2015. Further information can be found at http://wp.boschhoeve.nl/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Activitis-2015-Engelse-tekst.pdf (in English), and at http://hanninkton.nl/clematisdag.htm and http://wp.boschhoeve.nl/, both in Dutch.

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    Boskoop Nursery Museum

    From 28th May 2015 to 19th September 2015 the Boskoop Nursery Museum will have a small Clematis Exhibition. It has been created primarily by Wim Snoeijer, breeder at the specialist clematis nursery, J. van Zoest B.V.

    The indoor exhibition starts with the English and Dutch Royal Family with references to their names/titles and Clematis cultivars. There will be a world map showing the distribution of some botanical species by means of little lights in the map and a short description and picture. For the cultivars there will be a large panel of over 600 photographs arranged according the cultivar groups. Then there is some "practical information" like Clematis to use as cut flowers and the "10 best clematis" for the garden (10 red, 10 white, 10 pale violet-blue, 10 dark violet-blue, 10 pink and 5 yellow). Other practical information tries to answer the two most asked questions about Clematis: "when do I prune" and "how deep should I plant".

    The outdoor exhibition will show some botanical species as living plants with a globe marking where the species grows and links to two plant hunting expeditions. Another part will have flowering plants throughout the whole season

    The Boskoop Nursery Museum is open Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:30 and on Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00. The address is: Boomkwekerijmuseum Boskoop, Reijerskoop 54, 2771 BR Boskoop, The Netherlands.

    Free car parking is nearby at the road called Overslag, just a 2 minute walk to the museum.

    The museum website is at: http://boomkwekerijmuseum.nl/Openingstijden/4841. It is in Dutch.

    To coincide with the De Boschhoeve Clematis and Rose Fair, Wim Snoeijer and Ton Hannink have proposed some events at and around the new Boskoop Nursery Museum. For details, please see their Invitation. Please note, numbers for some parts are limited so you must contact Wim to ensure a place.

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