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To pay to Join the Society and for Membership Renewal by PayPal

Being an International Society, we have been very aware of the difficulties experienced by both new and existing members in some countries to pay small sums of money economically. For this reason we have offered PayPal as a payment mechanism. You pay in your local currency and PayPal will do the currency conversion, using the Exchange Rates at time of payment.

PayPal is popular with many members, being quick, convenient and economic.

In the past we charged our payments in Euros. However the majority of Society business is currently conducted in Great Britain. As PayPal popularity has increased, so have the costs to the Society because it pays a double charge for each PayPal payment made - a charge for the payment and a second charge to convert the Euro payment into Pounds Sterling to pay the bills.

To reduce these overheads we are changing payments to Pounds Sterling. This will save the Society quite a lot of money, whilst having minimal impact on your payment.

To ensure this is fair to all we undertake to monitor exchange rates and adjust the amounts charged should the exchange rates alter by a significant amount.

Whether or not you have (or wish to open) your own PayPal Account you can still pay using PayPal. We've tried to make it as easy as possible by providing simple buttons for you to use.

There are four buttons,

Note: for new members, or to pay for copies of journals, etc., you can either use the Pay and Donate button and complete the "Add special instructions to the seller" to tell us who you are and what the payment is for. Alternately, use either the Ordinary or Nursery Membership button and send a separate email explaining who you are and what your payment is for.


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