Clematis Cultivar Group Classification with Identifying Key and Diagrams - by Wim Snoeijer

This is a general message about my privately published book on Clematis Cultivar Group Classification. This book can only be obtained from me. There is no wholesale or retail price.

Title: Clematis Cultivar Group Classification with Identifying Key and Diagrams.
Language: English.
Cover: hard cover, bound.
Number of pages: 202 pages in full colour.
Number of illustrations: 200+ illustrations.
Size: A4 size.

Contents: This book contains a vast overview of my Clematis Cultivar Group Classification which I developed over the years. The Cultivar Groups are fully described including Cultivar Group Standards and illustrations.

The relation between the Cultivar Groups are explained by text and by diagrams, something never done before in Clematis and probably also not for any other cultivated genus. The Key to identify the Cultivar Group is also unique. Solutions are also suggested for several cultivar nomenclature problems.

Extra: There is an extra inlay of Diagram No 2 on A3 size, so the Diagram can be consulted while reading the text.

Price: 110 Euro. This price includes one copy and worldwide postage.

How to order: you need to do 2 things;

Please contact me first before paying any money for those who have a post address in The Netherlands.

Editor's note: Further options

If you are attending the meeting and conference of the Society in Portland, Oregon, USA this year, Wim has agreed that he will post a copy to you on condition you pay him in US dollars during the meeting. Please email Wim for further information.

I also understand that Wim will attend the meeting of the Society in Belgium in 2011. He says he should be able to bring a copy of his book for attendees who request one in advance. Please email Wim for further information.

The information on this page has been supplied by Wim Snoeijer. Wim Snoeijer, a member of this Society for many years, is recognized as an expert in the field of Clematis Classification. This book is the result of many years of work and research by him in this area. The views expressed within this book are those of the author.

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